My Room Is a Mess Essay

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“The Inheritance of Tools” by Scott Russell Sanders
Answer the following questions completely; be prepared to discuss your answers in class. 1. Note examples of figurative language in paragraph 1. Explain their effect. 2. Cite two examples of parallel syntax and explain their effect. 3. Consider the speaker’s use of direct quotations from his father. Describe the tone delivered by those quotations. 4. Consider the organization of the essay, noting particularly the sections about the gerbils (paragraphs 1725). How does that section contribute to the overall effect? 5. Read paragraph 20. Explain the purpose of Sanders’s reference to the grand events included there. 6. Explain the rhetorical effect of the allusions that Sanders includes in
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After proposing marriage to a neighbor girl, my grandfather used this hammer to build a house for his bride on a stretch of river bottom in northern Mississippi. The lumber for the place, like the hickory for the handle, was cut on his own land. By the day of the wedding he had not quite finished the house, and so right after the ceremony he took his wife home and put her to work. My grandmother had worn her

Sunday dress for the wedding, with a fringe of lace tacked on around the hem in honor of the occasion. She removed this lace and folded it away before going out to help my grandfather nail siding on the house. "There she was in her good dress," he told me some forty odd years after that wedding day, "holding up them long pieces of clapboard while I hammered, and together we got the place covered up before dark." As the family grew to four, six, eight, and eventually thirteen, my grandfather used this hammer to enlarge his house room by room, like a chambered nautilus expanding its shell. By and by the hammer was passed along to my father. One day he was up on the roof of our pony barn nailing shingles with it, when I stepped out the kitchen door to call him for supper. Before I could yell, something about the sight of him straddling the spine of that roof and swinging the hammer caught my eye and made me hold my tongue. I was five or six years old, and the world's commonplaces were still news to me. He would pull a

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