Ultimate Rip-Off: Taxing Tale Essay

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“The Ultimate Rip-Off: A Taxing Tale”
At the beginning of “The Ultimate Rip-Off: A Taxing Tale”; it discusses how Jeff Burke, a Special Agent for the IRS agent, used to love playing and pitching in softball when an unfortunate accident lead him to the doctors' office. Luckily, Jeff had not suffered any serious injuries, nothing an ice pack couldn’t fix. As a mental note Jeff was going to make purchasing jock support a priority. After leaving the doctors' office Jeff reflected on the fact that most doctors are active investors in securities, bonds, rental properties, and especially real estate. Jeff drifted off into daydream land and thought about the days when he would have been able to audit the doctors’ office. Today, however, an agent
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As the plot thickens we soon meet Debra Sweeney, a minister’s wife and mother of two who is a professional killer. She is linked to individuals from the U.S. Treasury for conspiring fraud.
The book then introduces several other characters beginning with Carl Strovee, a fraudulent psychic, who was being audited for the second year in a row. Carl was keeping two sets of books, one for the IRS and the other for his personal benefit. This was recommended to Carl by his accountant, Henry Silverman. In my opinion, I can comprehend how hard it can be to swallow the fact that the top 50% of taxpayers pay more than 97% of federal income taxes. However, nothing good can ever come from hiding additional income from the IRS. I find Henry’s shady techniques beyond the fine line between tax avoidance versus tax evasion. I understand that tax avoidance is fine under the law, but it baffled me that Henry would hold costly seminar’s and made suggestions to those in attendance of shady schemes to avoid paying taxes. For example, Henry would advise taxpayers on how to set up their own church. The extreme lengths that some taxpayers would go through desperately show how they feel towards the IRS and Uncle Sam. Carl had been hiding about 30% of his gross income by depositing money into his mothers’ bank account. After Carl skipped town, Henry panicked and asked for immunity. Henry was willing to testify against Carl and offered Jeff the name

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